Customised Decorations



Thank you so much for agreeing to sell my decorations in your shop!

I want to make the ordering process as easy as possible so to order them please just fill in the form below. I will then get you all orders by the following Tuesday at the latest...

So if someone orders one at any point in a week it will be ready for collection from your store the Tuesday of the next week.

Please see below the form for previous examples. Please advise customers that it doesn't just have to be names, you can have numbers, short messages. Anything (within reason) you'd like.

I can also do completely custom or extra large ones on request but will quote for these separately. Please just email me -


1 - 5 lines are the standard price. 6 - 8 lines are £5 extra as they're larger.
If you picked more than 4 lines please just put none in this box.
Please put each part text on a separate line and in capital letters. Names will be spelt how you spell them here so be careful! (8 letters is approximately the most per line however I would appreciate it if longer names went in the middle of the decoration).
In case something needs checking/changing.
Shop Name and town please