Mike Macdonald


Some things about me... I love photographing people. Over the years as I've honed my photography I realised that my love of people spreads in my photography. I have a huge passion for meeting new people, hearing their stories and shooting photos of them. Whether that's in ad campaigns, weddings, or editorial shoots.

I love an adventure! In the Summer of 2015 my wife (Becca) and I did a 3 week road trip around the West of USA and it was AWESOME. We met people. Hung out and drove. A lot. There's nothing better than the open road. It was a bucket list thing for me to wild camp. No campsite. No facilities just you and the wild. Becca, me, Watto (my trusty assistant) and a friend of ours headed up to a very rainy Wales for a weekend. We hiked for a day through abandoned old slate mines while it rained and rained. I took a ton of photos that I love! No matter where it is I love shooting photos. Soaked up a mountain, shooting skiing in the swiss mountains, waist deep in a lake or hanging out of a car boot (trunk!). Got a challenge of a photoshoot? Bring it on.

Mike :)